Unboxing Video SOC Peak Dab Rig

SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig

Experience premium dabs with the innovative SOC dab rig. As the leading SOC dab rig eclectic dab rig, it combines innovative technology and sleek aesthetics for epic vapor production like the Rocket Electric Dab Rig. The patented SOC dab rig atomizer and reinforced quartz cup provide precision heating to unlock full flavor and aroma. The unique spiral airflow and angled dish deliver smooth, even vaporization—no torch is required with the integrated battery and one-button temperature control. Simply select from four heat settings for customized sessions.

SOC E Rig Appearance

With a fast 30-second heat-up, the SOC E Rig is ready when you are. The vibrant light band visually indicates the heating status for a seamless experience. Choose from ten brilliant glass exteriors, such as Emerald Green or Cobalt Blue. When not in use, the matching carb cap is magnetically stored under the base.

SOC Vape Anywhere

The removable SOC Peak lithium-ion battery powers 160+ dab cycles per charge. Take your SOC vape anywhere with the included travel pack for discretion. Engineered for flavor-focused vapor production, this SOC vape consistently delivers. This innovative SOC vape maximizes flavor and function for next-level dabbing.

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