The Best Desktop Vaporizers For 2023

Desktop vaporizers are gaining popularity as more people discover the benefits of vaporizing cannabis and other herbs at home. These powerful, plug-in devices deliver some of the cleanest, purest vapor available compared to portable vapes. 
best desktop vaporizers

2023 is shaping to be an exciting year for new desktop vaporizer releases and technology improvements. Here’s an overview of the top models based on performance, features, and budget to help identify the best desktop vaporizers for 2023.

What are the top desktop vaporizer brands?

Some top desktop vaporizer brands include well-known and reputable companies like Volcano, Arizer, DaVinci, and Storz & Bickel. These brands consistently receive excellent reviews for manufacturing high-quality, durable units with precise temperature control. 

Other notable top desktop vape companies are VapeXhale, Herbalizer, Plenty Vaporizer, and the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. While priced higher, their convection heating and advanced controls create an exceptional vaporization experience.

Who are desktop vaporizers for? 

When considering who desktop vaporizers are for, they appeal to all dry herb consumers, from medical patients to recreational users. Their unmatched vapor production makes them a preferred choice for:

  • Heavy or frequent cannabis consumers due to large chamber capacity and automatic operation

  • Medical patients who need pure, clean vapor with minimal carcinogens

  • Flavor enthusiasts who want to taste the intricate terpene profiles of different strains

  • Anyone looking for the most efficient and best-tasting fog at home

Best Features to Look for

When choosing a vape device that matches your style, you must evaluate several vital characteristics and criteria. Understanding the factors that impact performance and vapor quality will help you select the best model for your needs and budget. The significant comparative features include price, vapor quality, build quality, temperature controls, cannabis compatibility, and chamber size. Considering these aspects and how you plan to use your new desktop vape will ensure you choose one that aligns with your priorities. The following sections take a closer look at these vital factors when deciding which desktop vaporizer is right for you. In summary, some of the best features to look for when selecting a desktop vaporizer include vapor quality, precise temperature controls, building durability, and cannabis strain compatibility.

best desktop vaporizers


Desktop vaporizer prices range widely from under $200 to over $700. Consider how often you’ll use a desktop vape and your budget to find the right balance of affordability and performance. More expensive models typically have better build quality, temperature precision, and vapor production.

Vapor Quality 

The heating method significantly impacts vapor purity and flavor. Convection heating is considered superior to conduction heating when evaluating vapor quality. Convection desktop vapes circulate hot air through the material avoiding combustion byproduct tastes.

Build Quality

When evaluating build quality, look for units made with quality materials like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and glass. These conduct heat properly and won’t degrade over time. High-end models may include a warranty of up to 5 or even 10 years for the heating element and other components, demonstrating their superior build quality.

Temperature Control Variations

Precision temperature control allows you to customize vaping temperatures for different effects. Some desktop vapes include a primary dial or digital controls, while higher-end models offer more advanced temperature control variations, with the ability to set the temperature within 1°F digitally.

Cannabis Compatibility 

When evaluating cannabis compatibility, ensure the desktop vaporizer is explicitly designed for dry herbs, not oil or wax concentrates. The heating chamber size also varies, so consider the amount of material you plan to vape in each session when assessing cannabis compatibility.

Breaking down desktop vaporizer prices

When breaking down desktop vaporizer prices:

  • $100-$200 - Budget models like the Arizer V-Tower provide the benefits of desktop vaping at an affordable price. Performance won't be as strong, and build quality will be lower.

  • $200-$400 - Mid-range options offer increased power and improved designs. Consistent vapor production makes devices in this range an excellent choice for most users' needs.

  • $400+ - Premium convection heating desktops that perform exceptionally well but are expensive. Best for frequent, heavy consumers and vapor connoisseurs.

Best Overall Desktop Vaporizers 

When evaluating the best overall desktop vaporizers:

  • Volcano Hybrid - Regarded as one of the best desktop vaporizers ever made. Clear, smooth vapor from a patented convection heating system with easy balloon or whip use. Precise digital temperature control. $699

  • Arizer Extreme Q - Excellent mid-priced choice with a versatile design. Whip, balloon bag, and remote control functionality provide premium vapor at a reasonable price. $189

  • DaVinci IQ2 - Newly upgraded IQ2 model offers the advantage of being a portable AND desktop vape. Exceptional flavor and vapor delivery with Bluetooth app controls. It can be used both cordless or while charging. $350

Best Dual-Use Desktop Vaporizer

When considering the best dual-use desktop vaporizer, Storz & Bickel PLENTY Vaporizer - Dual-use design allows the Plenty to be used as a handheld vape or plugged into a power outlet. Produces vast clouds from its unique stainless steel cooling coils. Easy to use with virtually no draw resistance. $249

Best Budget Desktop Vaporizers

When evaluating the best budget desktop vaporizers, it is worth considering these two options:

  • Arizer V-Tower - At around $140, the V-Tower delivers solid vapor production at an affordable price. Whip, direct draw, and balloon bag capability make this a good starter desktop vape.

  • DaVinci Classic - One of the least expensive forced-air convection desktops available at $190. Simple, durable design that's easy to use while providing high-quality vapor.

  • Xvape Fog 2 in 1 - This versatile device provides convection and conduction heating for under $150. Simple one-button control with decent vapor production makes it a budget-friendly choice.

Best for Home Use

When considering the best desktop vaporizers for home use, these are out of the top:

  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo ($400) - Glass on-glass vapor path and precision temperature control generates the purest tasting vapor that can be easily seen filling the glass and hydrating. 

  • Herbalizer ($729) - Sophisticated design with unrivaled temperature control, including an automatic mode that optimally adjusts temps during sessions. Massive vapor production. 

  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer ($275) - Effortlessly fills large balloon bags with dense, aromatic vapor. User-friendly and highly efficient. A top choice for social home use. 


Getting the most out of your desktop vaporizer and cannabis experience requires basic knowledge of proper techniques and best practices. While desktop vapes remove much of the guesswork with their precision temperature controls and automated features, there are still tips for safety, maximizing effects, preserving terpenes, and general vaporizer maintenance. 

Are desktop vaporizers safe?

When considering if desktop vaporizers are safe, when appropriately used, desktop vaporizers are considered very safe. Since vaporizers don't combust material, they avoid harmful toxins from smoking, making desktop vaporizers a much safer alternative. Desktop units are also safer than portables due to their high-quality materials and electrical safety certifications.

Does desktop vaporizer cannabis help with smell?

When considering if desktop vaporizer cannabis help with the smell, one of the benefits of vaporization is that it eliminates much of the smoke odor and secondhand smoke risks associated with smoking. The aroma produced by desktop vaporizers is significantly reduced compared to traditional combustion methods, helping minimize the smell of cannabis. Many find the vapor scent to be pleasant and discreet.

What is the best desktop vaporizer temperature?  

When considering what is the best desktop vaporizer temperature, most experts recommend starting around 390°F and increasing to around 410°F during a session. The best temperature range for cannabis is typically between 380°-430°F. Creating low helps preserve terpenes before raising the temp for more massive clouds. Desktop vapes with precise digital controls allow you to experiment to find the ideal temperature.

Is a desktop vaporizer better than the PAX?

When considering if a desktop vaporizer is better than the PAX, desktop vaporizers are generally regarded as superior to portable models like the PAX regarding vapor quality, capacity, and regular home use. However, portables like the PAX offer the convenience of cordless operation. A desktop and a portable PAX let you enjoy the best of both worlds.

How long can you leave vapor in a vaporizer balloon bag?

When considering how long you can leave vapor in a vaporizer balloon bag, the vapor-filled balloon should be inhaled immediately after filling from the desktop unit for the best flavor and potency. The vapor will dissipate and condense on the bag sides fairly quickly. Using the balloon within 5-10 minutes is recommended. Leaving it longer risks losing potency and vapor density.
Desktop vaporizers continue advancing to maximize the benefits of vaporization. While portable vapes offer greater mobility, dedicated home desktop units provide unparalleled performance and vapor density preferred by many cannabis and dry herb consumers.

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