Exploring XMAX V2 PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer

XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer
Exploring the XMAX V2 Pro

The XMax V2 Pro is a versatile vaporizer that handles dry herbs and waxes. One of its standout features is its affordable price, retailing under $100. Its ability to handle two different materials makes it an exceptionally inexpensive option. And yes, it does produce actual vapor, although not the most satisfying vapor you'll ever experience. Nonetheless, it's a step up from combustion. Today, we'll closely examine its performance to help you determine if it's a worthwhile investment.  

Operating Mechanism

The XMax V2 Pro is a straightforward pen-style herbal vaporizer. Its mouthpiece is on top, which can be easily removed to access the heating chamber. The chamber is wide and easy to fill, powered by a 18650 battery.

Functionality revolves around a single button to power the device and adjust the temperature. Pressing the button three times turns it on or off, while holding it allows you to select the desired temperature. Release the button when the indicator light aligns with your desired level. The temperature levels are displayed on the side, conveniently placed next to the button. The battery can be charged either externally or using a micro USB cord.

Temperature Control

The XMax Pro V2 offers average temperature flexibility. It provides five preset temperature options: 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F. Initially, this range seems suitable for a device lacking full temperature control, unlike the XMAX Starry v3 vaporizer. The temperature levels are adequately spaced, encompassing the limits of what I consider the vaporization range.

However, I have reservations about its ability to reach these levels accurately. It appears to heat up significantly as you continue using it. I assume these are approximate levels, and the device may not be programmed for precise temperature control. For a more precise temperature experience, consider the UTILLIAN 620.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the XMax V2 Pro vaporizer doesn't impress me much. While many users appreciate its vapor production, this is primarily due to overheating the herb.

The flavor produced by the XMax V2 Pro is below average and not particularly enjoyable. It starts off decently at the beginning of a session but quickly diminishes. This aligns with my theory that the device continues to heat beyond the selected temperature, resulting in a burnt popcorn-like taste by the middle of the session.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the hot vapor. The short vapor pathway doesn't effectively cool it down, leading to harsh draws that may induce coughing. If you prefer higher temperatures, consider a unit like the Utillian 722, which excels at handling elevated temperatures and offers convection vapor.

Build Quality

The XMax V2 Pro exhibits average build quality. It functions by producing genuine vapor, which is a significant advantage at its price point. However, I still need clarification about the temperature levels.

Not only does the vapor become hot, but the device also heats up. By the middle of a session, the base becomes hot to the touch, and the mouthpiece starts to heat up towards the end. If you prioritize a robust build with haptic feedback, look at the Mighty Vaporizer.

Battery Life

The XMax V2 Pro's battery life is below average compared to other portable vaporizers, but it's reasonable for its price range. The included 18650 battery lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes on a full charge. Remember, you can always purchase additional batteries for extended usage.

I recommend getting an extra battery with an external charger if your vape utilizes a removable 18650 battery. It will significantly simplify your life. Consider the Zeus Arc GTS Hub for a portable vaporizer with longer battery life.


In terms of portability, the XMax Pro V2 is average at best. Although technically "pen style," it's larger than expected, resulting in noticeable bulkiness when carried in your pocket.

The high temperatures also pose a drawback in terms of portability, as the device becomes uncomfortable to carry immediately after a session. If you desire a portable option with numerous features, check out the Davinci IQC.


The XMax V2 Pro vape is exceptionally user-friendly. As mentioned before, it features a single button to control all functions. You must only remember to click the button three times for power and hold it to set the temperature.

The spacious chamber opening facilitates easy loading, and the option to charge the battery from inside or outside the unit adds convenience. If you prefer simplicity, look at the LITL One, known for its ease of use and cleaning.


The X-Max V2 vaporizer could be more discreet as a vaporizer. It is larger than many other budget-friendly options available, attracting attention. Moreover, it produces a noticeable amount of vapor and odor.

A small amount of vapor may leak out from the top between draws, and there isn't an effective way to prevent this. The aroma is quite detectable. 

XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer: Affordable Excellence for Budget-Conscious Vapers

In conclusion, the XMax V2 Pro vaporizer like the XMAX V3 pro offers an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals looking for a versatile vaporizer that can handle dry herbs and waxes. One of its most notable features is its affordability, priced well below $100, making it a great entry-level device.

The XMax V2 Pro vape is easy to use, with a single button for power and temperature control and a vast chamber that is convenient for filling. Charging the battery externally or with a micro USB cord adds to its convenience.

While the vapor quality may not be the absolute best, it does produce actual vapor without combusting the herb, which is a significant advantage at this price point. The temperature flexibility, although limited to 5 presets, offers adequate options for vaporization. Additionally, the build quality is satisfactory, considering its affordability.

For individuals seeking a cost-effective vaporizer that delivers decent vapor production and functionality, the X-Max V2 vaporizer is a worthwhile choice. It provides a genuine vaping experience and represents a good value for the price.

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