XMAX Ace Dry Herb Vaporizer

xmax ace vaporizer
Xmax Ace Vaporizer Review – Ace in the Hole

The Xmax Vape Ace is a budget-focused portable dry herb vaporizer with desirable features such as a removable 18650 battery and an adjustable chamber. This review will explore how the Xmax Ace Vape performs compared to other vaporizers in its class. Read on to find out more about the Xmax Ace and its capabilities.

Design and Functionality

The Xmax Ace follows a reasonably standard vaporizer design, making it easy to use. With a simple triple-click, you can power the device and adjust the temperature using the dedicated buttons. The magnetic top lid can be easily removed, revealing a convenient concave loading zone to pack your ground herb. It is recommended to finely grind your spices and pack them down slightly to ensure optimal airflow. The Ace of vapes, being a conduction-based vaporizer, benefits from a snug pack. Once it reaches your desired temperature, the device will notify you with a vibration, indicating it's ready for use. Whether you prefer short or long draws, the Xmax Ace of vapes delivers satisfying vapor production.

Temperature Flexibility

The Xmax vape offers a wide temperature range, allowing you to select temperatures as high as 240°C/464°F and as low as 100°C/212°F. However, it's worth noting that the top temperature setting can be too hot and may risk combustion. For concentrate enthusiasts, the slightly higher temperature settings work well with waxes like live resin and rosin. On the other hand, temperatures lower than 160°C may not be as valuable unless you enjoy vaping alternative herbs such as lavender or damiana. Regarding wax concentrates, the Xmax Ace underperforms compared to dedicated 2-in-1 vaporizers like the Utillian 722.

Vapor Quality

As a budget vaporizer, the Xmax Ace vape delivers quality comparable to other devices in its price range. The vapor produced is excellent and relatively smooth, even at higher temperatures. However, vaporizers like the Crafty+, with their impressive cooling units, outperform the Xmax Ace regarding vapor quality. While the Ace vape is a conduction vaporizer, its vapor quality remains on par with other budget-centric devices. It may not provide the same impressive cloud production and flavor intensity as devices like the Zeus Arc GTS Hub with its gold heating chamber. Higher temperatures can produce rusty flavors, while lower temperatures offer a more therapy experience.

Manufacturing Quality

XVape devices, including the Xmax Ace Vape, are known for their decent build quality, given their affordable price points. However, manufacturing quality can vary due to cost-cutting measures. The Xmax vaporizers feature a carbon fiber decal that doesn't feel particularly premium. Nevertheless, it has a good weight and feels comfortable to hold. The magnetic mouthpiece and curved loading zone offer some functional benefits. Users should exercise caution and proper maintenance to ensure long-term functionality.

Battery Life

Like the Xmax Starry v3, the Xmax Ace of vapes boasts a removable 2600mAh 18650 battery. While some users appreciate the ability to replace the battery, others may find it less significant. Ace's battery capacity is relatively small compared to vaporizers like the Zeus Arc S Hub, which offers a larger 3500mAh battery. However, the convenience of swapping out the battery quickly and using a standard MicroUSB charging cable are notable advantages. The battery life of the Xmax vape can provide approximately ten sessions per charge, though this can vary based on individual usage habits and temperature settings.


The Xmax Ace of vapes has a size similar to the DaVinci IQ 2, making it easy to carry in most pockets. While it has some weight, it is generally acceptable for most users. It's important to note that the device retains a noticeable smell after a session so discretion may be a concern for those seeking stealthy sessions. While it may not be as portable as devices like the LITL 1, the Xmax vaporizers offer better performance.

Ease of Use

The Xmax Ace of vapes is a straightforward vaporizer that is easy to use. You can expect smooth operation once you have correctly packed the chamber with finely ground herbs. Drawing techniques are optional to achieve satisfactory results with this device, and sharing it with friends or strangers is simple. However, cleaning the Xmax vape can be a bit more challenging. To empty the chamber, you must push the spring-loaded chamber assembly, which releases the herb. Brushing down the gasket on the mouthpiece every few sessions is recommended to maintain cleanliness. It remains to be seen how well this design choice holds up over time, especially when sticky oils are involved. While the spring-loaded chamber is an excellent feature, its long-term functionality may be a concern.


The Xmax Ace vape has a design that resembles a power bank when not in use, making it inconspicuous to the casual observer. Most people on the street will likely only mistake it for a typical e-juice vape if they smell the vapor. While it may not be the smallest vaporizer available, it is compact enough to fit comfortably in your hand and does the job without drawing too much attention.

Overall Experience

Our experience with the Xmax vape is mixed. The device, like the Flowermate V5 Nanooffers convenient features such as an easy-to-load bowl, a short magnetic mouthpiece, and a removable 18650 battery. The wide temperature range allows for dark roasts and intense flavors, although it may risk combustion at the highest settings. However, the Xmax Ace must improve when using concentrates and extracts, with other devices providing a better experience. The spring-loaded chamber, while innovative, may present long-term maintenance issues if not properly cleaned. For those seeking an improved convection vapor quality within a slightly higher price range, the Utillian 620 is worth considering. Please comment below if you have any questions about our review or want to share your thoughts on the best budget vaporizer. Thanks for reading, and happy vaping!

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