Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

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Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

Vaping has become a popular choice for individuals seeking an alternative to smoking, providing a smoother experience and minimizing the adverse effects associated with combustion. Despite its benefits, some people wonder: why does vaping make me cough? This article delves into the reasons behind coughing while vaping and provides practical tips to enhance your vaping experience without the annoyance of coughing. Additionally, we explore the distinctions between vaping nicotine and cannabis, offering insights into cough prevention when consuming cannabis through vaping.

Key Insights:

  • Coughing during vaping can result from various factors, including nicotine strength, propylene glycol (PG) sensitivity, vaping technique, cilia regrowth, and dehydration.
  • To minimize or prevent coughing, consider lowering nicotine levels, opting for higher vegetable glycerin (VG) ratios, adjusting device settings, inhaling gently, and staying adequately hydrated.
  • Vaping cannabis may also induce coughing based on factors such as product type, cannabinoid and terpene effects, and device temperature and dosage.
  • Prevent or reduce coughing when vaping cannabis by selecting high-quality, lab-tested products, starting with a low dose, adjusting temperature settings, staying hydrated, and considering CBD-THC combinations or CBD-only products.

Understanding Coughing During Vaping:

Why does vaping make me cough? Coughing is a natural reflex designed to clear the airways of mucus, irritants, or foreign particles. When vaping, several factors can contribute to coughing, depending on individual sensitivity and preferences.

1. Nicotine Strength and Throat Hit: Nicotine, a stimulant, can create a sensation of tightness or irritation in the throat, known as throat hit. The intensity of the throat hit increases with higher nicotine levels, potentially leading to coughing.

2. PG Sensitivity or Allergy: Propylene glycol (PG), a primary e-liquid ingredient, may cause throat-related symptoms in individuals who are sensitive or allergic to it. Symptoms may include dry throat, sore throat, coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath.

3. Vaping Technique and Device Settings: Vaping technique (mouth-to-lung or direct-lung) and device settings (airflow, wattage, and temperature) impact the vapor's quality and its effect on the throat and lungs. Adjusting these settings can contribute to a smoother vaping experience.

4. Cilia Regrowth and Lung Healing: Cilia, hair-like structures in the respiratory tract, may regrow and heal when transitioning from smoking to vaping. This process can temporarily increase mucus production, leading to coughing as the lungs recover from smoking-related damage.

5. Dehydration and Dry Mouth: Vaping can cause dehydration and dry mouth by drawing moisture from the mouth and throat. Dehydration and dry mouth can trigger irritation, inflammation, and coughing, affecting overall vaping enjoyment.

Preventing or Reducing Coughing When Vaping:

Why does vaping make me cough, and how can I minimize it? Minimizing coughing during vaping involves adopting simple strategies to enhance the overall experience. Consider the following tips:

1. Lower Nicotine Levels or Choose a Smoother E-Liquid:

  • Experiment with lower nicotine levels or try nicotine salt e-liquids for a smoother throat hit.
  • Explore different e-liquid flavors to find those more soothing or refreshing.

2. Switch to a Higher VG Ratio or PG-Free E-Liquid:

  • Opt for e-liquids with higher vegetable glycerin (VG) ratios or choose PG-free options to reduce sensitivity or allergy-related symptoms.

3. Adjust Airflow, Wattage, or Temperature:

  • Utilize devices with adjustable settings to customize airflow, wattage, or temperature according to personal preferences.
  • Seek a balance to produce vapor that is both smooth and enjoyable.

4. Inhale Slowly and Gently, Using MTL or DL Technique:

  • Adjust your vaping technique based on personal preferences.
  • Inhale slowly and gently to prevent irritation of the throat and lungs.

5. Stay Hydrated and Use a Humidifier or Lozenge:

  • Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after vaping.
  • Consider using a humidifier or lozenge to maintain moisture in the airways.

Why Does Vaping Cannabis Induce Coughing?

Vaping cannabis provides an alternative to smoking, offering benefits such as avoiding combustion and enhancing flavor and potency. However, coughing may still occur due to product type, cannabinoid and terpene effects, device temperature, and dosage.

1. The Type and Quality of the Product:

  •  Differences in product types (dry herb, oil, wax, shatter, or rosin) and variations in quality can impact the composition, concentration, and purity of cannabinoids and terpenes. Low-quality or contaminated products may cause irritation and coughing.

2. The Effects of Cannabinoids and Terpenes:

  • Cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and terpenes play crucial roles in cannabis effects and flavor. Their bronchodilating or bronchoconstricting effects can influence airway openness and contribute to or prevent coughing.

3. Temperature and Dose of the Device:

  • Device temperature affects vaporization efficiency and the temperature of the vapor produced. Lower temperatures may result in smoother vapor, while higher temperatures can produce warmer, more potent vapor.

Preventing or Reducing Coughing When Vaping Cannabis:

Enhance your vaping experience with cannabis and minimize coughing by implementing the following suggestions:

1. Choose a High-Quality and Lab-Tested Product:

  •  Prioritize products that undergo rigorous testing, ensuring proper cannabinoid and terpene ratios and freedom from contaminants.

2. Start with a Low Dose and Increase Gradually:

  •  Begin with a lower dose to avoid overwhelming the throat and lungs, gradually adjusting until finding an optimal dose.

3. Use a Lower Temperature or Variable Voltage Device:

  •  Employ devices with adjustable temperature settings or variable voltage to customize the vaping experience. Lower temperatures can result in smoother vapor.

4. Hydrate Before, During, and After Vaping:

  •  Counteract dehydration by consuming adequate fluids before, during, and after vaping. This helps maintain moisture in the airways and prevents coughing.

5. Mix CBD with THC or Use a CBD-Only Product:

  •  Experiment with CBD-THC combinations or opt for CBD-only products to counteract coughing and enhance the overall experience.

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