Airvape XS Go Dry Herb Vaporizer

Airvape XS Go

Exploring the Airvape XS GO: A Lightweight and Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you want a simple, affordable, easy-to-use dry herb vaporizer, check out the Airvape XS GO from Apollo. This device is designed to be lightweight, portable, and ergonomic, making it a great companion for vaping on the go. It also features a ceramic oven, a hybrid heating system, five temperature settings, and a fast heat-up time. In this article, we will explore the Airvape XS GO in detail and see how it compares with other devices in its category.

Design and Build Quality

The Airvape XS GO is one of the market's smallest and lightest dry herb vaporizers. It measures only 3.8 inches in height, 1 inch in width, and 1.1 inches in depth, and weighs only 2 ounces. It can easily fit in your palm, pocket, or purse, making it very convenient to carry around.

The device is made of ABS plastic, which is durable and heat-resistant. It also has a rubberized grip on the back that provides a comfortable and secure hold. The device is sleek and minimalist, with only one button on the front and an LED indicator showing the temperature and battery level.

The Airvape XS GO has a hidden packing tool at the bottom of the device that can be used to load and empty the oven. The oven is located at the top of the device and has an oval shape that allows for even heating and good airflow. The stove is made of ceramic, a high-quality material that preserves the flavor and aroma of your herbs.

The mouthpiece is attached to the device with a magnet and can be easily removed for cleaning or filling. The voice is also made of plastic and has a filter screen that prevents particles from entering your mouth. The agent has a short vapor path that delivers warm and smooth vapor.

Heating and Vapor Quality

The Airvape XS GO electronic cigarette uses a hybrid heating method that combines conduction and convection. Conduction means that the herbs are heated by direct contact with the hot surface of the oven, while convection means that hot air passes through the herbs and extracts the active compounds. This heating method ensures efficient extraction and optimal vapor quality.

The device has five temperature settings that can be selected by pressing the button on the front. The temperature settings are color-coded as follows:

  • Blue: 355°F
  • Green: 375°F
  • Yellow: 390°F
  • Orange: 405°F
  • Red: 420°F

The LED indicator will show the current temperature setting by flashing or staying solid. You can switch the temperature settings by holding the button for three seconds.

The device has a fast heat-up time of about 20 seconds, so you don't have to wait long to start vaping. The device also has a haptic feedback feature that vibrates when it reaches the desired temperature or shuts off automatically after three minutes of inactivity.

The vapor quality of the Airvape XS GO is decent for its price range. The vapor is smooth, flavorful, and satisfying, especially at lower temperatures. However, it is not very dense or potent, especially at higher temperatures. The vapor can also get harsh or dry if you draw too hard or too long.

The device is best suited for microdosing or casual vaping sessions, as it has a small oven capacity of about 0.2 grams of finely ground herbs. You can get about 10 to 15 draws per session, depending on your temperature setting and draw technique.

Temperature Settings and Controls

The Airvape XS GO has a simple and intuitive interface that consists of one button and one LED indicator. The button can be used to turn on/off the device, select a temperature setting, and check the battery level.

Press the button five times quickly to turn on/off the device. The LED indicator will flash blue to indicate whether the vaping device is on or off.

To select a temperature setting, press and hold the button for three seconds until the LED indicator flashes or stays solid with one of the five colors: blue (355°F), green (375°F), yellow (390°F), orange (405°F), or red (420°F). You can cycle through the temperature settings by holding the button for three seconds again.

To check the battery level, press the button twice quickly. The LED indicator will flash one of the four colors: green (complete), yellow (medium), orange (low), or red (very low).

The device has an intelligent memory function that remembers your last temperature setting and automatically sets it when you turn on the device.

The device also has a vibration feature that alerts you when it is ready to use or when it shuts off automatically after three minutes of inactivity. The device will vibrate once when it reaches the desired temperature and twice when it shuts off. Here is the second half of the article:

Battery Life and Charging

The Airvape XS GO has a built-in battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh, which is average for its size and price. The battery life depends on your usage habits, such as the temperature setting, the draw frequency, and the draw duration. On average, you can get about 40 to 60 minutes of continuous use or about four to six sessions per charge.

The device can be charged with a micro USB cable that comes with the package. You can also use an external battery pack or a wall adapter to charge the device. The charging time is about 45 minutes, which is relatively fast for a vaporizer.

The device has a battery indicator that shows the remaining battery level by flashing one of the four colors: green (complete), yellow (medium), orange (low), or red (very low). You can check the battery level by pressing the button twice quickly.

To extend the battery life, you can follow some tips, such as:

  • Use lower temperature settings, as they consume less power and produce less heat.
  • Turn off the device when not in use, as it will drain the battery if left on.
  • Avoid overcharging the device, as it can damage the battery and reduce lifespan.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Airvape XS GO is easy to clean and maintain, with a simple design and few parts. You should clean the device after each session or at least once a week to ensure optimal performance and vapor quality.

To clean the device, you will need some tools, such as:

  • A brush comes with the package and can remove any residue from the oven and the mouthpiece.
  • A cotton swab can be dipped in some isopropyl alcohol and used to wipe the oven and the mouthpiece.
  • Some paper towels or tissues can dry the device after cleaning.

To clean the device, follow these steps:

  • Let the device cool down completely before cleaning, as it can be hot and cause burns.
  • Remove the mouthpiece from the device by pulling it gently.
  • Use the brush to remove any loose material from the oven and the mouthpiece.
  • Use the cotton swab to wipe the inside of the oven and the mouthpiece with some alcohol. Be careful not to soak the device or use too much alcohol, as it can damage the device or cause malfunctions.
  • Use some paper towels or tissues to dry the device thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Replace the mouthpiece on the device by aligning it with the magnet and snapping it into place.
  • Replace any worn-out parts, such as the filter screen or the packing tool, as needed.

Accessories and Warranty

The Airvape XS GO has some accessories that enhance or protect the device or improve its performance or versatility. Some of these accessories are:

  • A USB cable can charge the device with any compatible power source.
  • A cleaning brush can be used to clean the device after each session or at least once a week.
  • A user manual provides detailed instructions on using and caring for the device.
  • A replacement filter screen can replace the original one if it gets clogged or damaged.
  • A shell case is an optional accessory that can be purchased separately and used to protect the device from scratches, dust, or water. The shell case also has a smellproof design that prevents odor from escaping.
  • A water bong adapter is another optional accessory that can be purchased separately and used to connect the device to any water pipe or bong. The water bong adapter lets you cool down and moisturize your vapor for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

The Airvape XS GO also comes with a lifetime warranty from Apollo, which covers any defects or malfunctions of the device. However, some conditions and limitations apply to this warranty policy. For instance:

  • To activate your warranty, you must register your device on Apollo's website within 30 days of purchase.
  • You must pay a small fee of $19.99 for each replacement unit you request under warranty.
  • You must send your defective unit back to Apollo before receiving your replacement.
  • You must cover any shipping costs of returning or receiving your unit.
  • When requesting a replacement unit, you must provide proof of purchase and warranty registration.

For more information on Apollo's warranty policy for the Airvape XS GO, you can visit their website or contact their customer service.

Comparison with Other Devices

The Airvape XS GO is not the only dry herb vaporizer in its category. Other devices offer similar or different features, performance, price, etc. Here are some of them:

  • The Flowermate Cap Pro has a similar size and shape but offers more temperature control and a glass mouthpiece. The Flowermate Cap Pro has a digital display that shows the exact temperature and battery level and allows you to adjust the temperature from 86°F to 446°F. It also has a glass mouthpiece that delivers more excellent and purer vapor. However, it is more expensive than the Airvape XS GO, costing $99. 
  • The Xmax V2 Pro has a similar price and battery capacity but offers more versatility for different materials and a removable battery. The Xmax V2 Pro can vaporize dry herbs, wax, and oil with other chambers. It also has a removable 18650 battery that can be replaced or swapped with a spare one. However, it is larger and heavier than the Airvape XS GO, measuring 6.5 inches in height and weighing 3.5 ounces. 
  • The Airvape X is another device from Apollo that offers more features and better vapor quality but at a higher cost. The Airvape X has a larger ceramic oven holding up to 0.25 grams of herbs or concentrates. It also has a precise temperature control that ranges from 200°F to 420°F and a digital display that shows the temperature and battery level. It also has a longer vapor path and a ceramic mouthpiece that delivers cooler and smoother vapor. However, it is more expensive than the Airvape XS GO, costing $179. 
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